Polite Warning: taking these workshops can lead to addiction to fabulous yarns and a relaxed, calm mind. Learning to knit or crochet may make you feel less stressed, very creative and fantastically proud of your skills.

The classes are on Sunday mornings 10am-12.30pm or  Thursday evenings 6pm-8.30pm. 

Places are limited and bookable in advance. Full payment is required at the time of booking.
To book on the workshop please phone the Purl &Jane studio on 01756 228247 or pop along to the studio to book your place.
For all those that attend the workshops you receive a 10% discount on anything you buy at Purl &Jane on the Sunday or Thursday evening of your class only.

* The Workshops:


:: Learn to Crochet (Beginners) :: 

Dates: SUNDAY 22ND OCTOBER 10am – 12.30pm
Skills needed: No skills required.
Cost: £25

Like the Learn to Knit workshops, here you will learn the basics of crochet which starts you on a new calming journey of endless possibilities!

Skills learnt: Simple basics of crochet.

Materials included in cost: Crochet hook and fabulous yarn in a Purl&Jane cotton kit bag.

Materials to bring: Nothing, just you and the willingness to learn something amazing!



Advanced Beginners’ Knitting
This workshop is for those knitters who can knit. You may have knitted a scarf or garter stitch squares and now you would like to learn some more skills. You might not know how to cast on but you can comfortably knit.

We will learn to cast on, purl, rib, increase and decrease stitches, and how to knit up dropped stitches. The classes are small so I can make sure everyone has individual attention and we can finesse any techniques.

Cable and Lace
This workshop is for knitters who have not cabled or worked lace before. We will be covering both these techniques starting with very simple cables and lace and even working cable without a cable needle!

We will cover all types of cable, from twisted stitches to cables that involve purl as well as knit.

This workshop covers striping, slip stitch technique (my favourite type of colourwork because it is so simple yet so effective) intarsia and the basic techniques used in fairisle. Everything to make colourwork fun!

Fixing Mistakes
This is a workshop for experienced knitters who want to learn how to fix their mistakes. As knitters, we all make mistakes. This might just be purling a stitch we should be knitting, or knitting longer than the pattern says, or working one extra row in the wrong place. A good knitter makes mistakes and a good knitter is always taking back! In this workshop I’ll be teaching you various ways to pick up dropped stitches and take back. We will cover ripping out, cutting knitting and grafting pieces together.


*Who are Purl&Jane workshops for?

Knitting and crochet is for everyone.

Everyone can knit. However some people believe they should be able to knit like an experienced knitter as soon as they pick up the needles, this isn’t true, everyone has to start with one stitch.

Every pattern I design is simple and achievable for everyone, it’s just about taking your time, knitting a few stitches here and there and some gentle coaching in the right direction.

And, no matter how long you’ve been knitting, there’s always something to learn.

This can seem scary to a beginner or to the first time knitter who tries knitting something and it doesn’t turn out as they expected. I can help with this. Sometimes it is a teeny tiny change that doesn’t seem obvious until we’ve talked it through. I talk it through with you to get the best solution for you.

There isn’t a end to knitting but there is a beginning…and I love helping people start on their journey and guiding them as they grow.

* What can you expect from a Purl &Jane workshop?

I’ve been teaching workshops for more than 15 years all over the world – from Canada to the USA to local yarn stores all over the UK to the flagship John Lewis store on Oxford Street, London.

Over the years, I have learnt that the most effective format is to limit numbers because I want everyone to take some new skills away from the class. Everyone has their own unique learning style so with small classes and a gentle and calm teaching style, everyone learns something and has a base to start from.

It is from chatting to knitters all around the world that has helped me learn to design patterns that knitters want to knit. And now I can share the joy of these simple to knit patterns by giving everyone the guidance and support they need with all aspects of the knitting journey from your first few stitches to learning to love sewing up your garments.

There are classes at two different times - Sunday mornings or Thursday evenings - so there’s something to suit every busy lifestyle.
The Sunday morning classes are at 10am-12.30pm, a relaxing way to begin your Sunday, and then in the afternoon you can continue what you’ve learnt while it’s fresh in your memory in your favourite armchair. Or you could go for a Thursday evening from 6pm-8.30pm – the perfect way to calm down after a hectic day.

Once learnt, the techniques are simple and what you do with these techniques is then up to you! The list of things to knit is infinite!

 *Personal 1:1 Workshops

If you would like to have a personal 1:1 workshop with me, what we cover in these workshops is entirely up to you. I will teach you any aspect of knitting that you want. Just ask.

A 1:1 session costs £35 for an hour or £60 for two hours for up to two people. We’ll arrange it together at a time and a date that is convenient for both of us (an evening or a Sunday morning when other workshops are not on).

* How can Purl &Jane support you after the workshop?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! The only way to learn is to do it wrong at least once!

There is no need to struggle alone – after the class you can pop back to the studio to ask any question or get help with a tricky technique you’ve forgotten. Sometimes it can take a few minutes to show something, that might take longer if you look in a book. Videos and books – especially My YouTube videos which complement my workshops (find the videos by clicking here!)– can be a helpful aide memoire to techniques that have been shown to you in a relaxing class with someone on hand to help you through…even if it’s just to say, yep, that’s right!!


:: Sock Workshop :: 

Dates: New dates coming soon!
Skills needed: You will need to know how to cast on, knit, purl and cast off.
Cost: £60 for two classes.

This workshop is over two Sunday mornings so you must be available for both classes.

This two-morning Purl&Jane workshop will teach you some new techniques to get you off to a flying start. Afterwards you can go home and take your time to practise the new technique, a little bit at a time so before you know it you’ll be able to do something new, creative and fun, then come back to the next class to learn more!

What could be better than combining the relaxing and calming process of knitting with the most luxurious yarn and quality tools? The result is a soothing activity that lets you fashion something beautiful to keep, wear or give as a gift.

Skills learnt: Working in a round on dpns, turning the heel, shaping the instep and grafting the toe together – everything you need to make a pair of socks.

Materials included in cost: Bamboo double pointed needles, sock pattern and  yarn in a Purl&Jane cotton kit bag, which has all you need to make a gorgeous pair of socks.

Materials to bring: Nothing, just you and the willingness to learn something amazing!


:: Professional Finishing ::

Dates: New Dates Coming Soon!
Skills needed: You will need to know how to cast on, knit, purl and cast off.
Cost: £25

I love sewing my knitted items together! I treat my knitted pieces as knitting and sew together as such, rather than treat them like cloth and then get disappointed with uneven edges. When you treat a hand knit as a hand knit, the picking up of stitches and sewing together is the most fun! I share these techniques in this class so sewing up becomes a joy.

Skills learnt: The class covers reading a pattern, the importance of tension, decreasing at neck edge, picking up stitches, ripping out and reading your knitting, sewing up techniques including mattress stitch on stocking stitch, moss stitch and garter stitch, grafting stitches.

Materials included in cost: Deliciously soft yarn for your homework.

Materials to bring: 3.75mm and 4mm needles, scissors, darning needle and pen and paper if you wanted to make notes.

Please note: There is a bit of easy homework to complete before this class. This will be given at time of booking.


:: Learn to Knit (Beginners) :: 

Dates: New Dates coming soon!- this workshop is different from the other workshops and is for an hour only.
Skills needed: 
No skills required.
£15 for the hour.

I will teach you all you need to know to start your knitting journey in this hour.
In this class you will learn to cast on and do a simple knit stitch! You will all receive a Purl&Jane cotton kit bag, bamboo needles and one hanks of deliciously soft yarn. And then the real beauty of learning to knit is that what you do with this item is up to you. You have a choice, you can knit wrist warmers with the ball, or get more yarn and knit a scarf, which means you keep knitting until you get to your desired length, or you can knit one square, then another and depending on how many squares you knit you can sew them together to make a cushion or blanket….

Skills learnt: The simple basics of knitting – casting on using two needles, the knit stitch and the purl stitch and how to cast off. The only two stitches you need to start you on your journey into knitting.

Materials included in cost: Bamboo needles and gorgeous yarn in a Purl&Jane cotton kit bag.

Materials to bring: Nothing, just you and the willingness to learn something fabulous!