Yarnaholics Anonymous

Yarnaholics Anonymous - Now on a Wednesday from 7pm until 8.30pm £3.00. Do you have a secret stash of yarn under the bed or on top of the wardrobe? A secret love for knitting or crochet? A longing for luxurious natural fibres? Are you addicted to fabulous colours? Come to Yarnaholics Anonymous and share your secret (or not so secret) passion! Pop along on Wednesdays from 7pm at Purl &Jane Knitting Emporium with your knitting or crochet project and sit, knit, crochet, chat and share with other yarnaholics (or wannabe yarnaholics!) Refreshments of tea, coffee and cupcakes are included with the £3.00 entry fee Find Us at 4 Mount Pleasant, Skipton, at the top of the High Street opposite the church through the alleyway. 01756 228247