Dotty Cushion

Dotty Cushion Pattern

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Skill Level:  ♦  ◊ ◊

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Dotty Cushion
Dotty Cushion

Product Description

For this pattern I used:

Yarn & Amounts for one colour way: One 100g hank each of WYS Bluefaced Leicester Aran in shade A, shade B and shade C.
WYS Bluefaced Leicester Aran (100% Bluefaced Leicester wool, 166m/182yds per 100g).
I used 02 Natural Light Brown for shade A, 03 Natural Brown for shade B and 01 Natural Ecru for shade C.
Yarn & Amounts for the other colour way: One 100g hank each of  WYS Jacob Aran in shade A, shade B and shade C.
WYS Jacob Aran (100% British Jacob Wool, 166m/182yds per 100g)
I used 02 Natural Light Grey for shade A, 03 Natural Grey for shade B and 01 Natural Brown Black for shade C.

Metres/Yardage for each shade: 130m/142yds.
Total Metres/ Yardage: approx. 390m/427yds.

Needles: 5mm.

Notions: Cushion pad to fit (approx. 40cm x 40cm).
Nine buttons (size is approx. 18mm in diameter).

Tension: 20 stitches and 35 rows to 10cm/4ins square over pattern using 5mm needles.

Skill Level:  ♦  ◊ ◊

Measurements: 36cm x approx. 80cm.

My design ideas and advice: I love the simplicity of this stitch and the effect it creates. It can play tricks with your eyes and depending on what colours you choose, it can make it seem like one shade is coming out at you while the other two shades blend into each other. There isn’t as much give in this pattern as there is with other stitch patterns so it’s important to get the correct tension to get the correct size or purchase your cushion pad after you’ve knitted your cushion cover.