Oddments Crochet Cushion

Oddments Crochet Cushion


Oddments Crochet CushionOddments Crochet CushionOddments Crochet CushionOddments Crochet Cushion

Skill Level: ♦  ◊ ◊ ◊ This cushion uses chain and double crochet techniques so a great project for beginners or experienced knitters who want a mindless calming project.

This pattern is available for free on my blog, click here to see it!

Product Description

For this pattern I used:

Yarn & Amounts: Oddments of the 14 shades left over from the Love Hearts Blanket plus one extra ball of shade 60 Natural.
I weighed all the yarn leftover from My Love Hearts blanket and below is the total metres used as well as a detailed breakdown of each shade used. 

Rico Creative Cotton (100% cotton, 85m/92yds per 50g).
The shades I used are:
One ball of shade 60 Natural plus the left over amount of 17m/10g
shade 64 Candy Pink - 12m/7g
shade 05 Red - 14m/8g
shade 77 Fox - 14m/8g
shade 74 Orange - 17m/10g
shade 70 Mustard - 16m/9g
shade 63 Light Yellow - 19m/11g
shade 44 Light Pistachio - 16m/9g
shade 41 Pistachio - 16m/9g
shade 49 Green - 11m/6g
shade 47 Teal - 14m/8g
shade 36 Turquoise - 17m/10g
shade 39 Royal - 20m/12g
shade 11 Cardinal - 12m/7g

Total Metres/Yardage used: 194m/212yds.

Hook: 4mm.

Notions: Cushion pad to fit (approx. 30cm/12ins x 30cm/12ins).
5 buttons.

Skill Level:  ◊ ◊ ◊

Measurements: approx. 30cm/12ins by 30cm/12ins.

Blog Post: This pattern is available for free on my blog. I have also included pictures of how I crocheted the cushion cover click here to read it.

My design ideas and advice: This cushion uses oddments of yarn left over from knitting the Love Hearts Blanket. It’s the perfect project to use up those small lengths of yarn to create something unique that adds a cheerful pop of colour into your room! The pattern uses simple double crochet stitches, so it’s perfect for those learning or practising crochet stitches, as well as those wanting a simple project to relax with and enjoy!

Click on the following links for my How To videos that may help with this pattern: Crochet Techniques Playlist.