Purl &Anna

:: Anna Maloney, teaching assistant ::

When did you first start knitting and why?

When I was a child – I must have been about 11 when I started. My mum taught me and I’ve just carried on, in an on and off way since then.

What do you enjoy about the knitting process?

I like doing things that are constructive, making things. I like being creative with my hands. I don’t think I’ve ever knitted anything I’ve actually needed. I do it because I like knitting and using nice wool. The clothing or cushion cover at the end is a bonus.

What item that you’ve knitted are you most proud of?

I knitted one of Jane’s cardigans. It turned out just how I hoped it might. I only really started knitting properly again after going into Jane’s shop and this was my first complete success.

Do you have any knitting ambitions?

I like doing something different and learning something new each time.

When did you first discover Purl&Jane?

I saw the sign on the alleyway and wandered down to the shop and immediately thought it was just so nice.

What do you like about the shop?

I think it’s got a lovely feel, the wool is beautiful. It draws you in. Jane is very encouraging, and gently offers advice which you can take or leave. The shop makes you feel like knitting something when you go in – it’s addictive.


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