Purl &Helen

:: Helen Duke :: works for an insurance agency

When did you first start knitting and why?

It was earlier this year, February. My grandma used to try and teach me when I was a girl but I only started when I found out a lot of friends started joining a group and I thought I’d like to give it another try.

What do you enjoy about the knitting process?

I do like making things, creating something. It’s relaxing and satisfying.

What item that you’ve knitted are you most proud of?

I did a jumper for my daughter. I did two scarves and then the jumper. I’m now doing a tea cosy.

Do you have any knitting ambitions?

Lots of things – socks – they look complicated. I’d like to make more garments using different stitches.

When did you first discover Purl&Jane?

Around the same time I started knitting. Friends recommended it to me so went here and I took my daughter in to have a look for wool for my sister in law who knits.

What do you like about the shop?

Jane’s so good; friendly and helpful. It’s in a nice quiet setting. It’s light and it’s bright with all the colours from the yarns. I like all the ideas on display.

Would you recommend 1. Knitting and 2. The shop to a friend?

Yes I certainly would. I think Jane’s incredibly patient and a really good teacher.




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