Purl &Janet

Purl &Janet

:: Janet Gregory :: Music teacher

When did you first start knitting and why?

My grandmother taught me about 50 odd years ago. I didn’t do an awful lot in my teens and I took it up again in my twenties until I had lots of kids. Now they are all grown up I can start again with a vengeance.

What do you enjoy about the knitting process?

I just like being very quiet and I like patterns, repetition and rhythm – all things you get from knitting. I like the sensual aspects; the colours, the touch of the wool, the sound of the needles, even the smell of proper wool!

What item that you’ve knitted are you most proud of?

Probably what I’m now pulling to pieces to make a cushion cover! It was a cotton jumper with a nice pattern to it but no one could wear it, because it wasn’t a good cotton yarn so it kept shrinking. I just couldn’t throw it away.

Do you have any knitting ambitions?

I would like to do some fair isle.

When did you first discover Purl&Jane?

As soon as it opened as I live in Skipton and keep up with all the comings and goings.

What do you like about the shop?

There’s no pressure, it’s so calm and lovely. Jane’s personality shines through everything, even the decor. She’s very welcoming to everyone. In fact, she got in de-caff coffee for me last time I went to Yarnaholics. Thanks Jane!

Would you recommend 1. Knitting and 2. The shop to a friend?

Yes, in fact I’ve just been into a shop today and recommended it to a man there who likes knitting.


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