Purl &Renee

:: Renee Kimberley

When did you first start knitting and why?

When I was at school, about 50 years ago! I stopped when it went out of fashion. Then, three or four years ago, my daughter got pregnant I started to knit things for the baby and now I love it.

What do you enjoy about the knitting process?

It’s so very relaxing. I even do it to stop myself falling asleep when watching television. I also love the feel of the wool.

What item that you’ve knitted are you most proud of?

I’ve learnt how to knit with a circular needle and I knitted a chunky sweater for my granddaughter and I was really proud of that because it was something I’d never done before because I thought it looked too difficult.

Do you have any knitting ambitions?

No not really, I’ve got loads of patterns to try because you get fed up of doing the same but nothing I’ve not tried yet.

When did you first discover Purl&Jane?

When the shop first opened. It was advertised in the Craven Herald and so we popped along.

What do you like about the shop?

Oh everything. It’s wonderful. The wool Jane sells is so lovely. I went on her finishing technique course and I really can’t recommend it strongly enough. No one had ever taught me to finish off and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. She’s so patient she never gets cross when you’re struggling.

Would you recommend 1. Knitting and 2. The shop to a friend?

Oh yes. Everything about shop; all the wools and Jane helps you when you’re stuck with a pattern. I’ve recommended it many times.


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