Sarah Dybeck & her first piece of knitting

Purl &Sarah

:: Sarah Dybeck, book keeper ::

When did you first start knitting and why?

It was in the autumn last year. I started working for Jane and fell in love with just being in that lovely environment. The shop is so inspiring and when my girls went to university I had more time.

What do you enjoy about the knitting process?

It’s very relaxing and you have produced something at the end. I love working with the colours and the wool, the way it’s so tactile. Yarnaholics is like a time out: me time. Even if we don’t say anything is lovely. Knitting is like having a book that you can take wherever you go and yet you can still be sociable. I can’t sit down and not doing anything now, I always like to be knitting. It’s good therapy and I feel like it’s changed my view on life.

What item that you’ve knitted are you most proud of?

A blanket I’m knitting at the moment. I’ll be sorry to finish it but I’m looking forward to having it. It’s been a project I’ve worked on for months. It’s not complicated so I can just knit and switch off.

Do you have any knitting ambitions?

Something to wear that I would be proud of wearing. I’ve made scarves and things but I’d love to make a proper jumper.

When did you first discover Purl&Jane?

I heard about Jane through word of mouth and when I started doing work for her I found the shop inspiring.

What do you like about the shop?

I like the colours and the layout; how the things that Jane has made are displayed as examples of things you can do. You feel the passion there and get a sense of where the wool has come from. Her personality is coming through the shop. It’s not representing a brand – you’re going in and buying into Jane’s image and her ethos. I like that. There’s nothing there she doesn’t like. She doesn’t bow to pressure to buy things that will sell quickly.

Would you recommend 1. Knitting and 2. The shop to a friend?

Oh yes, I don’t stop talking about it. I never go anywhere else – nothing compares and it fulfils all my needs.


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