Purl &You

Knitting is all about the journey and you’re all invited to join us. *EVERYONE* can knit. Yes, that includes you!
There isn’t an end to knitting but there is a beginning…and I love helping people start on their journey and guiding them as they grow.

Some people believe they should be able to knit like an experienced knitter as soon as they pick up the needles, this isn’t true, everyone has to start with one stitch.

Every pattern I design is simple and achievable for everyone, it’s just about taking your time, knitting a few stitches here and there and some gentle coaching in the right direction.

And, no matter how long you’ve been knitting, there’s always something to learn.

This can seem scary to a beginner or to the first time knitter who tries knitting something and it doesn’t turn out as they expected. I can help with this. Sometimes it is a teeny tiny change that doesn’t seem obvious until we’ve talked it through.
I talk it through with you to get the best solution for you.

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