Lily Scarf Cover

Lily Scarf Pattern


This single pattern is available to download here or is available as a printed pattern from the Purl &Jane studio in Skipton.

Lily Scarf Cover

Product Description

For this pattern I used:

Yarn & Amounts: One 50g hanks of  Purl & Jane Cuckoo Cashmere 4 ply  (80% Merino wool & 20% Cashmere, 200m/218yds per 50g).

Metres/Yardage: approx. 200m

Needles: 3.25mm double pointed.

Gauge (tension): 27 stitches and 40 rows to 10cm/4ins square over stocking stitch using 3.25mm needles.

Measurement:  approx. 14cm (at widest part) x 132cm.

My design ideas and advice: This was one of the most loved patterns when I launched them at my local yarn show, Yarndale, so much so that I had sold out of them by lunchtime on Saturday! However because my printers are local and so very kind they printed some more and delivered them so I had more by the afternoon and nearly sold out of them again by the end of the weekend!

The Lily Scarf just takes one hank of the Purl &Jane Cuckoo Cashmere 4 ply. I wanted to design a scarf that complemented the beautiful Cuckoo Cashmere yet was simple and easy to knit. At the end of a busy day, I like to sit down and switch off for half an hour or an hour or so, which is not so easy to do with things buzzing around your head. Garter stitch is a good start to soothing those thoughts and calming the mind. I played around with many designs for the edges and they all looked good but they weren’t all fulfilling my desire for a simple pattern to switch off and relax with, a pattern that has a simple repeat but also looks classic and so I just kept making it more and more simple until Lily was the perfect pattern! I wore the Lily Scarf I had knitted over the Yarndale weekend and it’s so light you don’t notice that you have it on…until you take it off and feel the chill from the air on the back of your neck. It keeps you warm without you even knowing it!