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Kilcarra Tweed Simple Knits Book


Iris jumper (photographed in shade 4816 Tara)Farrimond (photographed in shade 4897 Ederny)Farrimond uses 16(18:20) 50g balls of Kilcarra Tweed (photographed in shade 4897 Ederny)Pengelly uses 14(15:16:17:18) 50g balls of Kilcarra yarn (photographed in shade 4847 Gweedore)Pengelly uses 14(15:16:17:18) 50g balls of Kilcarra yarn (photographed in shade 4847 Gweedore)Portalla uses 17(18:19:20) 50g balls of Kilcarra Tweed (photographed in shade 4824 Achaius)Portalla uses (photographed in shade 4824 Achaius)Karreck (photographed in shade 4847 Gweedore)Halyard (photographed in shade 4843 Muff)Halyard (photographed in shade 4843 Muff)Hannafore uses Twenty three 50g balls of Kilcarra Tweed (photographed in shade 4756 Dunglow)Hannafore uses Twenty three 50g balls of Kilcarra Tweed (photographed in shade 4756 Dunglow)Porthbyhan uses 18(23) 50g balls of Kilcarra Tweed (photographed in shade 4802 Heiro)Porthbyhan uses 18(23) 50g balls of Kilcarra Tweed (photographed in shade 4802 Heiro)


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Kilcarra Tweed Simple Knits

Product Description

For this book of 11 patterns I used:

Patterns included in this book: Eight garments, five jumpers and three cardigans.

Yarn: Kilcarra Tweed Aran (100% Pure New Wool, 80m/87yds per 50g ball).

Metres/Yardage: this varies from 1120m/1225yds (14 balls) to 1840m/2012yds (23 balls) with the majority of patterns needing about 17 balls.

Needles: 4mm, 4.5mm or 5mm.

Notions: Cable needle (depending on pattern)

Skill level: From ♦  ♦ ◊ ◊ ◊

Measurements: to fit chest sizes from 81.5cm/32″ to 132cm/52″ which actual measurements starting at 89cm/35″ through to 149cm/58.5″

Blog Posts: Simple Knits – Introducing the patternsWhy Kilcarra Tweed inspired meRead about my design inspiration for the book by clicking here!

My Design Ideas and Advice: This my book of simple and easy to knit patterns for you or a loved one!

It has been a real treat for me to have the opportunity to design with Kilcarra Tweed – such beautiful yarns that have a rich history of heritage and tradition.

When I’m knitting with Kilcarra Tweed, I love spotting the flecks of colour twinkling through that I didn’t notice in the ball. One of the many great things about a true wool is how beautifully it absorbs the dye – it feels like each strand just drinks up the colours to truly be saturated in deep, striking shades. Then, because it is tweed, tiny dots of other colours appear, making it look like it has been sprinkled with other shades which glisten as you knit with them, bringing another dimension to the yarn.

Kilcarra Tweed is made from pure new wool which makes it perfect for holding the stitches and creating cables that seem to sit above the yarn. It’s ideal for outerwear garments because it is so light to wear yet keeps that wind out, leaving you feeling warm and comfortable in your hand knits.

For this book, I have designed eight garments: five jumpers and three cardigans. Some of the garments are generously proportioned to be loose fitting to wear over other things so please double check the actual chest measurement when choosing your hand knit.

When I plan a book, I try to make sure there is something in there for all different knitting moods. For example, I have designed a very simple garter stitch cardigan, perfect for those hectic days when your mind is bouncing from one thing to another and you need something that doesn’t require much attention to calm your busy mind. And then there is the knitting for those that love something that challenges them such as the cable knits, which might seem tricky when in fact they all involve simple cable techniques to create something amazing.

I believe that knitting is as much about the journey you go on when creating the item – the joy of the rhythmic motion of twinkling yarns moving through your fingers and the calm that comes with making one stitch after another – as the unique finished items you make.

Happy Knitting!

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